Isoten Vacuum Rolls

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Isolate Tension without Nip Rollers or S-Wraps

An Isoten Vacuum Roll pulls the web into intimate contact with the roll, increasing friction forces that help prevent web slippage. The result is a highly effective web control device that can handle much lower tensions and much higher tension differentials.

Vacuum Roll Options:

  • Selectable vacuum zones (for wrap angles)
  • Polymer compound roll coverings
  • Stainless steel mesh screens
  • Felt screens (for delicate webs)
  • Cantilevered vacuum roll designs
  • Clean room designs
  • Custom vacuum supply connections
  • Variable Zone Width - improves vacuum performance while maintaining quiet operation.

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Mega Seamless Vacuum Rolls

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An ultra-fine, seamless surface for thin film coatings

MEGA is the first vacuum pull roll to incorporate a unique system that allows the customer to have a smooth, ultra-fine, seamless, nickel screen in contact with their web. This sleeve is drum tight and customer replaceable on site.

MEGA Vacuum Rolls have proven themselves in some of the harshest environments while continuing to maintain accurate and delicate web control. Applications include the production of ultra thin film coatings for aerospace, biomedical or pharmaceutical industries, pressure sensitive papers, decorative products, adhesive tapes and optical film. MEGA Vacuum Rolls provide the ideal tension isolation and control point ahead of floater ovens and can be used at any other location where nips are not possible nor desired.