Specialty Rolls

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Custom designed rolls to meet your unique requirements

The demands placed on any roller can be quite different from system to system - even roll to roll. That's why we custom design all kinds of rollers to meet the demands of unique web handling and converting processes.

  • Rolls to safely process food and pharmaceuticals
  • Special roll coatings for sensitive webs
  • Rolls for low tension applications
  • Superfinished rolls and special release finishes for coated webs
  • Special bearings for harsh environments
  • Unique journal designs for heavy nip applications 

Our skilled technicians will manufacture your roll in-house with strict attention to detail. The entire process of machining, grinding, balancing and finishing is done at Webex. From cradle to crate, we do it all.

Special Coatings and Plating

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Optimize your roll performance

Perhaps your web is abrasive enough to scratch the surface of steel idlers. Or maybe the caustic vapors of your coating operation likes to pit and corrode aluminum rolls. And it wouldn't be unusual if your coated web was causing some trouble by sticking just a little too much to certain rolls in the line.

These are typical challenges where custom roll coatings and platings are used successfully every day to improve web handling. The real challenges, however, are much more numerous. Likewise, the custom solutions Webex has to offer are quite varied and unique.

We present here an overview of the more common coating and plating options used today. For professional assistance in selecting the best possible option, talk to our Customer Support Specialists. They have the experience and expertise to properly shape your decision.

Common Options Include:

  • Rubber
  • Composite Ceramic Coating
  • Chrome Electroless Nickel
  • Hardcoat Anodized
  • Thermal Spray
  • PTFE Coating / Sleeve

Air Turns

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For coated or sensitive webs when roll contact is not acceptible

  • Outer surface is made of finely sintered stainless steel screen that equalizes air flow and pressure across the live face area
  • Inner shell is made from annodized aluminum, precision drilled to meet the specific wrap angle of your application
  • Inner shell designed with special baffles to equalize air pressure throughout the shell
  • Designs available for cantilevered or conventional mounting