Heat Transfer Rolls

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Accurate temperature control across the entire width of the web

Each roll is designed for the optimum balance between heat transfer, minimal pressure drop inside the roll, correct fluid velocity and minimum temperature rise across the roll face. In fact, our design process is so exact, we guarantee temperatures to within ±1°F across the face of the roll.

Webex heat transfer rolls are available in a wide variety of materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and alloy steel. We offer several coating and plating options to customize your roll to fit your exact application. In addition, we can provide you with ASME-certified pressure vessels from our PFE brand.

Webex often produces heat transfer rolls with ultra-tight tolerances of less than 100 millionths total indicator run out. Mirror finishing with optically-perfect, polished chrome plating is also available.

Using a sophisticated analysis program, Webex Engineers can determine:

  • BTU's/hour for a single roll or a complete system
  • Fluid flow rates required for a given application
  • Anticipated horsepower (pump) requirements
  • Outside roll surface temperature
  • Detailed stress and deflection analysis to assure safety

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ZDR - Anti-Deflection Roll

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Ideal for Film Casting and Calendering

The Webex ZDR - Anti-Deflection Roll - is a specially designed roll engineered to reduce or virtually eliminate roll deflection caused by external forces. Precision engineering and high-grade materials make the ZDR aperfect solution for film casting and calendering operations.

The counteract a wide range of external forces, the ZDR roll uses a large, solid shaft constructed of high-grade alloy steel. The shaft is machined and profiled for a precision pressure fit with an external steel roller. Unlike typical roll designs, the ZDR shaft supports the precision steel roller at the center, not at the roller ends. The exact location and extent of contact for this direct shaft-to-roll support are calculated by Webex engineers based upon the parameters of your application.