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Process Knowledge

Process Knowledge

Meet your goals for high line speeds, heavy loads and tight tolerances. Read More

Webex Engineering and Manufacturing teams don't shy away from tough applications; from asphalt roofing products to satellite film and the touch-screen in your smartphone. Use this process knowledge, gained from exposure to a wide range of industries and challenges, to solve each web handling challenge.

Chosen By Leaders

Chosen By Leaders

Many of the worlds largest companies trust Webex Engineers to tackle their toughest challenges. Read More

From ASME certified pressure vessel Heat Transfer Rolls to lightweight, low inertia idler rolls for high-speed printing, Webex products evolve with the needs of our customers. Anyone can build you a roll. Webex Engineers solve problems.

Consistent Results

Consistent Results

There are no surprises when you purchase from Webex. Our specifications are exact and so is our work. Read More

When we state 32 Ra finish, or 0.00050 inch/ft length of straightness, or dynamic balancing of 2000 FPM, you can be confident that you'll get just that. It's quite easy to print tight tolerances in a catalog. It's another thing to consistently meet these specs order after order. But that's exactly what we do.


Industries Served

Case Studies



Many times Webex engineering has helped our customers avoid costly mistakes.

For example, an OEM sent us a print and quote request for a pair of oil heated nip rolls. Webex sized the rolls, calculated fluid flow rate, and recommended heating unit specifications. Noting high nip forces, Webex engineers determined that the customer’s existing journals would have failed. We specified larger journals made of stronger alloy steel.

A leading printing press rebuilder experienced a problem with existing oven idlers shaking violently at full speed. Webex quickly identified the problem. The rebuilder had added tendency drives to the oven idlers. The idler shafts, however, where inadequate for the new speed. Webex was able to design and manufacture custom shafts to eliminate the vibration while still utilizing the existing rolls.

Our engineers utilize the most sophisticated analysis programs available. That’s why we can identify potential problems with deflection, critical speed, excessive stress levels — even inconsistent heat transfer — at the quote stage of a project. This level of engineering support helps get your project on the right path from the very beginning … saving you lost time and productivity … and in the end, delivering the performance you need and expect.

Engineering is key to the Webex difference. That’s why more converters today trust their products and processes to Webex for the best possible roll solutions.

High Speed

High Speed

A custom machine builder needed a rubber covered aluminum roll to run at extreme high speed. New rolls from their previous supplier would shake and rumble when at run at the high speed. Webex quickly discovered that the current roll design was operating above critical speed. By working closely with the customer, we engineered and balanced a roll that not only ran at the specified speed, but was lighter and cost less than the original roll.

While touring their facility during our service call, we noticed yellow safety tape on the ends of some Webex rolls. When asked about this, we were told, "Those rolls run so well, sometimes it's hard to tell if they are turning, so we put tape stripes on the ends."


A local printing company specializing in printing lightweight papers for catalogs and newspaper inserts approached Webex looking for help. This customer was running 20-year-old Harris presses.

The trend in the industry is to run lighter and lighter paper. The Harris presses, designed to run mid-weight stock, struggled badly trying to run lightweight paper. Web breaks were common during start-up, especially when the first wet impression was made.

Webex analyzed the situation and determined that the heavy weight of the original idler rolls throughout the press was the single, most likely contributing factor to the frequent web breaks. Webex helped the customer reconfigure these presses using Webex LW-400-150 x 42" face aluminum idler rolls.

These lightweight idlers reduced the weight and inertia of the rolls in the press by over 50%. After installation, our customer reported that the web break issue was substantially reduced and, as a bonus, the press was able to run at faster speeds with less scrap. Further analysis by our customer documented an investment payback of less than 6 months. Subsequently, this success has been duplicated on presses of other makes as well.


Lead Times

In 2000, Webex implemented a cell manufacturing approach for aluminum dead shafts idlers that would significantly reduce production time and order turnaround.

The whole process took about six months of planning and involved many team members. The idea was to change manufacturing to a "pull" system by gathering the resources (people/machines) and arranging them together (in a cell) to get the most efficient product output. The effort also included generating a core production team, cross-training team members on different machines, and organizing the appropriate support staff.

All of our hard work paid off. We blew away the industry standard of three-week delivery dates. Webex now consistently delivers aluminum dead shaft idler rolls in 5-10 days!

Coating Quality

Webex was asked to refurbish a used coater roll to like-new condition. The customer, however, did not have a drawing of the roll, so they asked us to reverse engineer the roll in order to generate a detailed design.

After a detailed inspection on the roll, including ultrasonic inspection of inaccessible areas, our engineers generated a detailed roll drawing. We refurbished the used roll and manufactured another new roll for the customer.

A month after shipping the rolls we received the following letter from our customer.

We wanted to send you a quick note to express how pleased we are with the performance of the two rolls that we recently acquired from Webex for our coater. We installed the new Webex metering and casting roll, as well as a new back-up roll. The initial data indicates significant improvements in adhesive coating performance. Coat weight variation has decreased by 45%-80% in the products that we have evaluated. We appreciate the outstanding service and product performance that you have provided.

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